Extension Guidelines 

  • Use Jadore Hair Supplies’ haircare range; this will keep your hair in the best condition.  (12 weeks warranty included when products are purchased).

  • Do not use shampoo or conditioner that have a high alcohol content or any protein or sulphates.

  • Shampoo your scalp, trying not to scrub your mid lengths and ends. Condition your mid lengths and ends avoiding your scalp.

  • Using Jadore Intense Moisture Hydrating Mask every third to fourth wash is important to maintain your extensions.

  • Apply Jadore Argan Oil to mid lengths and ends daily.

  • Brush hair daily with Jadore Boar Bristle extension brush.

  • Use a heat protectant spray (containing no protein and low alcohol content) prior to using heat.

  • Dry hair gently with hairdryer on low-medium heat.

  • Always tie hair up when sleeping, a loose plait is best. Do not sleep with wet hair.

  • Do not bleach hair extensions, use only a semi permanent colour to go darker or tone to a similar shade.

  • When swimming, wear hair in a plait, never a bun or top knot. Rinse hair straight after swimming in chlorine or salt water.

  • Do not wash hair for 48-72 hours after any tape extension application.

  • After extension application wear the extensions in a low pony tail and low hair styles only for the following week.

  • Extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks to keep the natural hair safe, damage free and manageable.

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